Our Services

We provide the following services;

  1. Careers Counseling - aimed at helping you to select the right University, choose the right career path and obtain a student visa
  2. Personal statement editing
  3. University Admissions - Due to our direct contact with the universities, we will help you obtain the best possible offer and guarantee a quick response time. We will also provide you with all the information you need about the location, resources, facilities and accommodation available at your chosen university
  4. Clearing Services
  5. UCAS Applications
  6. On occasion where a scholarship is available - we will be able to inform you and help you with the application.
  7. IELTS Information
  8. University Accommodation Application
  9. Visa Guidance - We will advise you as to the procedure involved in obtaining your visa
  10. Airlines information
  11. Pre – departure briefings
  12. In addition to this we will inform you as to the best possible options available to you to keep your costs down while studying


  1. To guide you throughout the process of choosing the right career path, selecting the right institution and visa application based on your academic/financial abilities.
  2. To act as a bridge between you and your institution of choice within our network.
  3. To consider your education interest at all times


To provide quality, speedy, prompt and up to date response and services regarding education to interested students from all parts of the world.