Useful Informations

Visa application requirements submitted to respective institution:

  • Admission Letter
  • Deposit payment receipt
  • Academic documents
  • NOC from Ministry of Education
  • Health Form and Results
  • Passport (All pages including cover page)
  • 1 Passport size colored picture

Upon approval from the Malaysian Immigration Department, a STUDENT PASS LETTER OF APPROVAL will be issued from the Malaysian Immigration Department that, will be sent to you while you are still residing in your country.

A SPECIAL PASS (validity of 14 days) will be issued to you at the entry point in the form of an endorsement on your valid national passport.

Within 2-3 weeks of your arrival, the respective institution will submit your passport to the Immigration Department to affix the STUDENT PASS STICKER.


  1. To guide you throughout the process of choosing the right career path, selecting the right institution and visa application based on your academic/financial abilities.
  2. To act as a bridge between you and your institution of choice within our network.
  3. To consider your education interest at all times


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