Why UK?

  1. World’s Best Universities - British qualifications are recognised and respected around the world. British education leads the world in the field of quality assurance and the UK is at the forefront of scientific and creative innovation.
  2. Course Duration - Undergraduate degree is typically 3 years long (compared to 4/5 in other countries) and the Postgraduate degree is typically ONE year long (as compared with 2 in most other countries).
  3. Work during Study- 20hrs term time and full time during holidays - students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week while studying and 40 hours a week while on holidays. Hence you can now cover some of your expenses while studying
  4. Work after Study
  5. European location – closer to your Home country - Students find Britain an attractive option as it is closer to home than any of the other well known English speaking countries. This makes it easier and cheaper to return home while carrying on with your education.
  6. World class University facilities
  7. Sandwich Courses - Some Universities offer Sandwich courses that lengthen your course by one year - but allow you to work and earn a good salary for one year out of this


  1. To guide you throughout the process of choosing the right career path, selecting the right institution and visa application based on your academic/financial abilities.
  2. To act as a bridge between you and your institution of choice within our network.
  3. To consider your education interest at all times


To provide quality, speedy, prompt and up to date response and services regarding education to interested students from all parts of the world.